Here is a basic process of how I approach a new project.


1. The meeting/creating the idea

The first steps are meeting you, or as I call it 'breaking the barriers' and establishing a trust relationship that leads us into the idea. I will listen to your needs and will give you a series of ideas from yours or create a new one. This step is one of the most important in the process. 

Then we develop the script together. It will be chaging and taking shape till it is perfect for you.  We will talk about the music, the mood, the tone, the visual style... we will use references to have an exact idea of the final result before shooting.

2. Shooting

We take the idea from paper to the screen. Depending on the shoot, we will be shooting during a different number of days depending on the project. We previously do all the scouting, talent hiring and permits... we love this stage and love the client being there enjoying it.

3. Editing

We prepare all the footage and start the editing process, which includes edit, reedit, color correction, titles, sound mixing, music, titles and final delivery.

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